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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who played Joey in TV’S Friends?

A Mathew Perry

B Matt Leblanc

C David Schwimmer

D George Clooney

2. Who wrote the novel Doctor Zhivago?

A Boris Kamenev

B Boris Zinoviev

C Boris Pasternak

D Boris Tolstoy

3. What sort of creature is a taipan?

A A monkey

B A salamander

C A snake

D A spider

4. Which poet and artist wrote The Book of Nonsense and popularise­d the limerick?

A C.S. Lewis

B Rudyard Kipling

C Dylan Thomas

D Edward Lear

5. Which great Greek dramatist wrote the plays Medea, Electra and The Trojan Women?

A Homer

B Aeschylus

C Euripides

D Sophocles

6. Which ITV talent show was hosted by Harry Hill in 2015 before being axed?

A I Can See Your Voice

B Pop Idol

C Fame Academy

D Stars in Their Eyes

7. Which Neighbours character was played by Eliza Szonert?

A Lucy Robinson

B Libby Kennedy

C Hannah Martin

D Danni Stark

8. Which breed of dog has border and bearded varieties?

A Alsatian

B Dalmatian

C Collie

D Spaniel

9. What was the title of the last album released by the Australian rock band INXS before the death of their lead singer Michael Hutchence?

A Beautifull­y Wilted

B Delicately Falling

C Elegantly Wasted

D Finely Balanced 10. Who painted the Rokeby Venus?

A Hals

B Lebrun

C Mantegna

D Velazquez

11. In Greek mythology which nymph was in love with the mortal Acis?

A Vesta

B Tithonus

C Galatea

D Eurus

12. Which British composer wrote The Midsummer Marriage and The Knot Garden?

A William Schwenck Gilbert

B Michael Tippett

C Arthur Sullivan

D Andrew Lloyd Webber

13. What is the name of Mario’s green brother in Nintendo’s popular computer game?

A Wario

B Ricardo

C Pablo

D Luigi

14. What is the general name for a fungus that forms a thin white coating on plants?

A Fairy mist

B Cuckoo spit

C Mildew

D Ragwort

15. Who wrote the wartime elegy For the Fallen?

A Laurence Mignon

B Laurence Lee

C Laurence Binyon

D Laurence Blake

 ?? ?? Harry Hill See Question 6.
Harry Hill See Question 6.

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