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Test,test, testthis Christmas


People are being urged to play their part in reducing the spread of Covid-19 after cases of the new Omicron variant were found in Lanarkshir­e.

Dr Femi Oshin, NHS Lanarkshir­e Covid-19 public health tactical lead, said: “With the emergence of this new variant which is potentiall­y more transmissi­ble, we’d like to remind the public of the importance of taking regular lateral flow tests.

“Taking a test before you socialise is a vital part of reducing the spread of Covid and protecting the community.

“This is particular­ly important if you are meeting a vulnerable relative or friend, but we are urging the public to test before all social interactio­ns.

“The other measures in place are even more important at this time.

“Remember to wash your hands regularly, be up-todate with your Covid-19 vaccine, maintain social distancing, ventilate rooms, wear a face covering where appropriat­e and work from home if possible.

“If you show symptoms, book a PCR test and isolate until you know your results.

“If you are eligible for your booster or are still to receive a first or second dose of the vaccine, then please call or book online to get vaccinated.

“All these measures can help minimise risk of infection and protect ourselves, family, friends, our community and the NHS.”

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