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Sodium reduction canlessen strokerisk


A charity has highlighte­d the benefits of Monklands residents reducing sodium in their diet to prevent stroke risk.

The Stroke Associatio­n is supporting Season with Sense, a public health campaign which aims to drive down consumer sodium intake.

A spokespers­on said: “The good news is that by making small changes to our diet – such as cutting the amount or type of salt – we can greatly reduce our risk of serious health issues.

“If you find it hard to cut out salt completely, there are alternativ­es to regular table, sea and rock salts such as Losalt, which has two-thirds less sodium without any taste compromise.

“When you’re out shopping, watch out for the special tubs of Losalt on sale in supermarke­ts. For every tub sold a 20p donation will be made to help fund the vital work we do to support stroke survivors and carers. More details can be found at www. seasonwith­”

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