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‘Cute-em-up’ proves to be a cracker


Panorama Cotton


Even as a gamer of a certain age, it’s hard to believe that parts of the 1990s were 30 years ago.

It’s a measure of time that now makes titles from that decade ‘retro’, and even worse, original gaming discs/cartridges are now ‘vintage’.

It’s lucky then that so many of these classics are enjoying a new lease of life, polished up for a new generation of consoles and gamers to enjoy. Panorama Cotton is still a few years off hitting 30, but it’s the latest title from the Cotton series to be revived for modern gaming.

Unlike its side-scrolling predecesso­rs, Panorama was a pseudo-3d, rail shooter, following young witch Nata de Cotton on her broomstick as she blasts her way through levels, her trusty fairy companion Silk by her side.

Fast forward to 2021 and Panorama Cotton finally gets an official release outside of Japan.

The plot is typically odd, with Silk’s sister explaining that the Fairy Queen has been eating burnt candy (called‘willows’in the game) and as a result has gone a bit mad.

Convinced the world is about to end, the Queen has ventured off in the misguided belief that she’s the only one who can save it.

But it turns out that monsters have been purposely burning the willows, so Cotton and Silk venture off to bring an end to it all.

It’s delightful­ly bonkers stuff, made all the more adorable by the stunning fantasy anime graphics that earned the game the label “cute’em’up”.

Available on Switch and PS4

 ?? ?? Vintage shooter Panorama Cotton is a delight
Vintage shooter Panorama Cotton is a delight

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