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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who wrote The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe?

A J.R.R. Tolkien

B Lewis Carroll

C J.K. Rowling

D C.S. Lewis

2. In the castle of which West Yorkshire market town did Richard II die?

A Wakefield

B Ripon

C Pontefract

D Halifax

3. Which US heavy rock band did English-born guitarist Slash join? A Metallica

B Guns N’ Roses

C Dire Straits

D The Offspring

4. Which artificial element is represente­d by the symbol Es? A Einsteiniu­m

B Erbium

C Europium

D Arsenic

5. What form of rapid writing is associated with Sir Isaac Pitman?

A Hieroglyph­ics B Joined up writing C Shorthand D Cursive 6. What is the name of the Detective Chief Inspector played by Roger Allam in Endeavour?

A John Tuesday B Fred Thursday C Frank Monday D Bill Friday

7. Which group of British painters included Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt?

A The Impression­ists

B The Pre-raphaelite Brotherhoo­d C The Surrealist­s

D The Post-raphaelite Brotherhoo­d

8. Who played the title role in the 1950s TV series Ivanhoe?

A Sean Connery B Roger Moore C John Wayne D Clint Eastwood 9. Which sleep disorder is also called somnambuli­sm?

A Nightmares B Insomnia C Bedwetting D Sleepwalki­ng

10. What is the capital of Morocco?

A Casablanca

B Rabat

C Tangier

D Marrakesh

11. Who won the 1996 Solheim Cup?

A Great Britain

B Brazil


D France

12. Which member of the Jackson family released the album The Velvet Rope?

A Michael Jackson

B La Toya Jackson

C Tito Jackson

D Janet Jackson

13. Whose only opera was Fidelio?

A Mozart

B Puccini

C Beethoven

D Bizet

14. Who wrote The Murders in the Rue Morgue?

A H P Lovecraft B Stephen King C Clive Barker D Edgar Allan Poe

15. Which hexagonal musical instrument similar to the accordion was invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone?

A Concertina

B Xylophone

C Glockenspi­el

D Harpsichor­d

 ?? ?? Roger Allam See Question 6.
Roger Allam See Question 6.

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