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Teenager caught after moped drug deal at pub



An Airdrie teenager caught with more than £200,000 worth of drugs in his mum’s home was tailed by police after doing a deal from his moped.

Josh Mckeown was snared with diamorphin­e and cocaine on July 17 last year.

The 19-year-old had been traced after officers caught him dropping off a bag of white powder at a pub.

A police check of the licence plate on his scooter led officers to

Mckeown’s home, where he made full admissions.

Last week the first-time offender pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to separate charges of being concerned in the supply of diamorphin­e and cocaine.

The court heard plain-clothed officers on duty watched Mckeown ride the moped into the car park of the pub.

He handed a small bag of white powder to a woman who was sitting in a car before he drove off.

Prosecutor Eilidh Robertson said: “The officers, believing that a drug deal had taken place, obtained Mckeown’s details as the registered keeper of the moped and attended his home.”

Mckeown admitted having wraps of cocaine down his trousers which were found to be 15 bags containing 0.5 grams each.

He was arrested and interviewe­d before a further search of the property took place.

Officers then recovered 1788 grams of diamorphin­e from his bedroom as well as a further

two 0.5-gram bags of cocaine. A total of 937.63 grams of adulterant containing paracetamo­l and caffeine to expand the output of the drugs was also found.

Miss Robertson said: “Officers are of the opinion that the value of the cocaine would be approximat­ely £340 in total if each bag was sold on for £20.

“The value of the diamorphin­e recovered could be anywhere between £33,100 and £209,230 based on the level of further subdivisio­n and adulterati­on.”

Billy Lavelle, defending, told the court Mckeown was a joiner and aged 18 at the time of the offence.

The lawyer added: “This is a very serious matter.

“He lives with his mother, step brothers and sisters.”

Sentence was deferred until next month for background reports by judge Lady Stacey.

She told Mckeown: “You pled guilty to serious charges and the amount involved is high.

“It’s unlikely anything other than a custodial sentence will be suitable.”

Mckeown was remanded in custody in the meantime.

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