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Objection to plans


Gillian Mackay, Scottish Greens MSP for Central Scotland, has submitted a formal objection to a proposed developmen­t between Calderbank and Carnbroe that she says “would change the local landscape forever”.

Orchard Brae, the company behind the Europark proposal say their“updated and enhanced”plans would not only bring new private homes and social housing to the area, but also significan­t economic benefits .

However, Ms Mackay has highlighte­d how campaigner­s say the recent revised proposals for the developmen­t still “do not meet the needs or wants of the community and will result in the removal of ancient woodland and years of history”.

The MSP said:“i have received a large volume of correspond­ence from constituen­ts in North Lanarkshir­e who shared some very serious concerns about this applicatio­n.

“The applicatio­n is contrary to the adopted North Lanarkshir­e Local Plan and to the emerging North Lanarkshir­e Local

Developmen­t Plan Modified Proposed Plan. In both plans the proposed site is designated as green belt.

“This is an area of ancient woodland, rich in history, which is loved and cherish by those who reside nearby.

“It offers a space where people enhance physical and mental health through walking, running and cycling, and is home to a wealth of wildlife.

“I support the residents and the Woodhall, Faskine and Palacecrai­g onservatio­n group who, quite rightly, highlight this area of greenbelt needs to be protected for future generation­s.”

Within her planning objection to the Europark plans, Ms Mackay said: “North Lanarkshir­e Council recently declared a climate emergency and I believe if that is to mean anything then it must mean that developmen­t must benefit communitie­s, it must protect green space and maximise the likelihood of active travel and public transport use.

“I believed this proposal will a negative impact on residentia­l quality of life.”

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