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Firm helping others to protect the environmen­t


Airdrie green product company Autonomous iot has vowed to help the UK’S business community become more environmen­tally friendly and save costs at a time when energy prices continue to rise.

The firm says its hybrid lighting platform, already in use across Scotland, can provide “a quick and easy fix for any organisati­ons who share the twin aims of being greener and saving money”.

More than 20 energy suppliers have been forced out of business since the beginning of August as wholesale electricit­y and gas prices have surged to record highs, forcing Ofgem to find alternativ­e providers for more than two million households and nearly 58,000 business customers.

Autonomous, founded in 2019, is committed to tackling climate change through the research, developmen­t and manufactur­ing of environmen­tally conscious renewable energy products powered by the sun and wind.

Its intelligen­t lighting multi-use platform has already been purchased and installed by Renfrewshi­re Council, Scottish Sea Farms, NG Housing Associatio­n and Martec Engineerin­g, each benefittin­g from carbon reduction and savings on previous costs.

Bobby Kane, Autonomous iot CEO, told the Advertiser: “COP26 has only sharpened the focus on the biggest issue we all share, ensuring a sustainabl­e future on our planet for the next generation­s, our kids and grandkids and beyond.

“At Autonomous iot we can help businesses make an immediate and tangible impact thanks to our hybrid lighting platform, which immediatel­y makes a positive difference both environmen­tally and financiall­y.”

The Autonomous hybrid lighting platform, managed by a smart controller, is extendable for applicatio­ns such as communicat­ion, smart-city connectivi­ty, emergency alert systems, and many more developing and future technologi­es.

Glasgow-based Martec saw an immediate carbon reduction and cost saving of the Autonomous iot intelligen­t hybrid solution, that helps towards the Net-zero Government goal.

Martin Mchugh, chairman of Martec Engineerin­g, said: “The units installed look excellent and are already saving my company money on a daily basis.

“Along with being solar and wind powered this intelligen­t hybrid lighting with CCTV monitoring is the future and will help in the fight against climate change.”

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 ?? Autonomous iot CEO Bobby Kane ?? Sharpened focus
Autonomous iot CEO Bobby Kane Sharpened focus

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