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Gartcairn fined over ineligible player


Gartcairn have been fined for fielding an ineligible player during a recent West of Scotland League Conference B win over Cambuslang Rangers - but have avoided a points deduction after appealing the original decision.

The Airdrie side beat Camby 2-0 at MTC Park on September 29 in a rearranged match, but fielded Joshua Gracie, who was suspended.

Under rule I13 of the West of Scotland Football League, fielding an ineligible player results in a £500 fine and a three point deduction.

However, Gartcairn appealed that decision and have now been handed the lesser punishment of just a fine. It is not clear on what grounds their appeal succeded.

A spokesman for the West of Scotland Football League said:“gartcairn were referred to the League’s Disciplina­ry Committee following a potential breach of rule H2 of the constituti­on which refers to the playing of a suspended player in a League match.

“The Disciplina­ry Committee heard the case and judged that Gartcairn had breached the rule and imposed the penalty as per our constituti­on, rule I13.

“Gartcairn appealed the decision to the Scottish FA’S Judicial Panel Protocol who heard the case last week.

“The JPP found that Gartcairn were guilty of breaching rule H2 but substitute­d the sanction imposed by the League for a financial penalty without a points deduction.

“There is no further comment that the League will make on this case.”

Gartcairn have refused to comment on the issue and instructed players and staff not to respond to interview requests from the Advertiser following the initial report that they were facing a fine and potential points deduction.

Earlier this season, Conference B rivals Royal Albert were docked three points and fined for fielding an ineligible player, even though they explained that they had done so accidental­ly.

 ?? ?? Hit in the pocket Gartcairn breached league rules
Hit in the pocket Gartcairn breached league rules

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