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Region to benefit from new cash plan


North Lanarkshir­e is set to benefit from a new economic strategy that will improve and strengthen the Glasgow City Region.

The strategy, launched earlier this month, covers eight partner councils that comprise Glasgow City Region including North and South Lanarkshir­e, and will impact on wider public sector policy, decision-making and spend over the next 10 years and on its 1.8 million residents and 50,000 businesses.

The strategy sets the approach for how the region will weather current and future key challenges, some of which are expected to completely disrupt our way of life – including the impact of Covid-19, the climate emergency, and unpreceden­ted technologi­cal advances.

Leader of North Lanarkshir­e Council, Councillor Jim Logue, said: “Undoubtedl­y we are facing enormous challenges following the impact of Covid-19 and the ongoing consequenc­es of climate change but it’s vital that we harness these impacts to lay the foundation­s for a more robust local economy.

“We must use these triggers for change as a way to improve investment in our area, embrace technologi­cal change and adopt our practices for a more sustainabl­e and resilient region.

“The Regional Economic Strategy outlines the strengths and opportunit­ies for all eight council areas and in North Lanarkshir­e our place-based investment has continued at pace over the last year to improve our essential infrastruc­ture, reduce carbon emissions and significan­tly boost the digital economy to make our towns and communitie­s vibrant, thriving, sustainabl­e places.”

The approach is a first in that it has been developed and endorsed not only by the region’s eight councils, but by government and wider public sector agencies including Scottish Enterprise and Skills Developmen­t Scotland – all of which will be instrument­al in its delivery.

The strategy, developed by the region’s Intelligen­ce Hub, is the result of months of extensive research with input from partners across the councils, government agencies, local universiti­es, the business and third sectors.

It is underpinne­d by an in-depth analysis of the region’s strengths and the current and future challenges faced – collective­ly and individual­ly by the eight council areas of Glasgow, East Dunbartons­hire, East Renfrewshi­re, Inverclyde, North and South Lanarkshir­e, Renfrewshi­re and West Dunbartons­hire.

 ?? ?? Challenges Council leader Jim Logue wants North Lanarkshir­e to be “vibrant”
Challenges Council leader Jim Logue wants North Lanarkshir­e to be “vibrant”

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