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Rapper Gary excited to drop three fresh beats


An inspiratio­nal Coatbridge rapper says he is excited about the launch of his new EP.

Gary Maguinness – aka Gary Magizmo – releases music under the name of GMO and says he is keen for his Monklands fans to listen to his new three-song release.

The Kirkwood rapper has released Heat, Fuel and Oxygen ahead of his upcoming album Fire, which is due to be unveiled later this month.

Gary told the Advertiser: “It has turned into an album and it’s due out at the end of the month.

“I’ve released the three singles Heat, Fuel and Oxygen on Soundcloud and the album Fire will be released on Spotify at the end of the month.

“There are a few tracks similar to my first songs, but it has been pretty much having fun with music again. It’s going to be my last project under the name GMO.”

The 25-year-old said he wants to keep having fun with music, saying there’s “nothing stopping” him to release new sounds.

He added: “I had that many songs, there are about 15 songs on the album, but it could have been more. I have been releasing five songs every week and at the end of the month I will be putting my album on Spotify.”

As we reported in January this year, Gary is again working in collaborat­ion with fellow Coatbridge DJ Prophetsix­four, aka Aaron Mcallister, on his new music.

Gary told us: “Prophetsix is doing the instrument­als and I’m doing the vocals. The first part was released on December 3 and the second part is due out soon.

“People have really enjoyed the first part, which is more upbeat,

but the second and third parts are more personal.

“We have got a few things coming up and we are concentrat­ing on a rebrand. Everybody loved the first one and there are a lot of GMO songs on Spotify.

“I’m focusing on being more unique under the name of Gluco from January. This is the

last album I’ll release under the name of GMO.

“I’ve been working on writing and recording music. I’ve got so many songs and I just want to focus more on the technical side of it so that I don’t have to depend on anyone else.”

The former St Andrew’s High pupil lives in Kirkwood with mum Teresa, stepfather Bill Brown and

younger brother Declan.

He told us: “The last two projects were pretty serious. My inspiratio­n for the new songs actually came from a conversati­on with my wee brother Declan.

“Originally, the idea was to do the three seasons, but I thought it was a common theme and when I was picking the songs I

wanted to see if that would be a good promotiona­l tactic to allow people to slowly digest the songs and listen to the three parts.

“A lot of it was giving the chance for the music to be its own thing and having fun making music and it all happened naturally.”

For more informatio­n visit Gary’s Instagram page @ gmothescot­tishrapper

 ?? ?? New start Fire will be the final album Gary releases under his GMO moniker as he is changing his name to Gluco in January
New start Fire will be the final album Gary releases under his GMO moniker as he is changing his name to Gluco in January

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