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Overnights advice for new mums


With last years’restrictio­ns meaning overnight stays with family were off the cards, this year is likely to be the first Christmas since 2019 that families can come together to celebrate.

For some new Monklands mums, this may mean this is the first time they have spent nights away from home and away from their baby’s normal routine.

With the stress of rememberin­g to pack everything for baby, presents, food contributi­ons and much more, it is understand­able that mum may forget key items for herself.

To help support new mums this festive season, breastfeed­ing experts and maternal health brand Lansinoh has rounded up the must-pack items for mums’ Christmas bag.

The items include, for mums, toiletries and feeding products and, for babies, clothing, toiletries, their favourite soft toys, blankets and story books.

In addition, mums are advised to keep pre-bedtime routines the same and look out for any signs of tiredness.

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