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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which charitable organisati­on was founded to care for children? A RSPCA




2. What was the title of the album released by the Bee Gees in 1997? A Still the Bee Gees

B Still Alive

C Staying Alive

D Still Waters

3. Which Zulu chief was stabbed to death by his half-brothers in 1828?

A Shaka

B Haile

C Mugabe

D Selasse

4. What is the highest number used in bingo?

A 100

B 90

C 66

D 70

5. Which Italian city gives its name to a sausage and a sauce popular with spaghetti?

A Rome

B Venice

C Bologna

D Milan

6. Which anarchic 1980s BBC comedy series starred Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Planer and Christophe­r Ryan?

A Bottom

B The Young Ones

C A Kick Up the Eighties

D Not the Nine O’clock News

7. By which acronym is the Internatio­nal Associatio­n of Poets, Playwright­s, Editors, Essayists and Novelists known?





8. What name was given to the skeletal remains uncovered in a gravel pit in East Sussex in 1912? A Piltdown Man

B Windmill Hill Man

C Lewes Man

D Rye Man

9. Which king who died in

1936 began the tradition of the

Christmas Day broadcast from the monarch?

A George V

B Edward VIII

C George VI

D Edward VII

10. What do the letters PS stand for?

A Please Send B Please Stamp C Postscript D Passe Savoye

11. Which major sporting event was won by the Florida Marlins in 1997?

A American football’s Super Bowl B Baseball’s World Series C Basketball’s World Series

D Ice hockey’s Stanley Cup

12. Which Welsh snooker player won the first of his six world championsh­ips in 1970?

A Ray Reardon

B Mark Williams

C Stephen Hendry

D John Parrott

13. Of which country is Sfax the second largest city?

A Turkey B Tunisia C Libya D Borneo

14. Which group’s top ten hits included My Girl, Embarrassm­ent and Grey Day?

A Crowded House B U2

C Madness D R.E.M.

15. On which island is the Indonesian capital Jakarta situated?

A Malaysia B Timor C Java D Borneo

 ?? ?? Adrian Edmondson See Question 6.
Adrian Edmondson See Question 6.

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