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a miracle tiny tot who is scotland’s youngest-ever surviving premature baby brought her family much joy as she celebrated her first Christmas.

fourteen-month-old sofia Viktoria Birina was born 18 weeks premature, and her parents Egija and Inars were delighted to welcome santa Claus to their airdrie home as they celebrated with their “cheeky, teeny warrior princess”.

Airdrie tot Sofia Viktoria Birina, who was born 18 weeks premature, might be tiny but she has been through the biggest battle of her young life to spend her first Christmas at home.

The cute little 14-month-old has defied all the odds and is Scotland’s youngest-ever surviving premature baby.

As she enjoyed tearing open presents and pulling on the baubles of the Christmas tree, mum Egija and dad Inars said her survival was their greatest gift.

Egija, 23, beamed: “it was beyond magical as it was a day we thought we’d never see. This time last year we were keeping a vigil by her incubator.

“People talk about Christmas miracles – well, Sofia is our forever miracle. She is our angel baby and our teeny cheeky warrior princess.

“By rights, she should not be here but we fought to have her and she fought to survive. Seeing her open her stocking on Christmas morning was the best gift ever.”

Born 18 weeks early and weighing just 1lb 1oz – the weight of a loaf of bread – Sofia was given just a 10 per cent chance of survival during labour and even less chance of surviving after birth.

Her skin was transparen­t and as thin as tissue paper when she arrived, being born nearly two weeks before the legal abortion limit.

She had not been due until February 1, 2021, and fitted into the palm of her dad’s hand when she was born last year.

The little girl survived a heart defect, brain bleeds, an eye disease and numerous other infections.

She needed seven blood transfusio­ns and was on a ventilator at University Hospital Wishaw’s neonatal unit as her lungs weren’t developed.

She spent three months in an incubator before being discharged.

Today Sofia continues to defy all medical expectatio­ns and is meeting all her milestones.

Egija said: “sofia amazes us every day. She has been discharged from the lung clinic and at her yearly check-up the consultant told us he doesn’t want to see her again until she is three.

“It’s hard to believe our happy, smiley baby who can crawl at lightning speed to get to the baubles on the tree was once so small and helpless and fighting for every breath she took.

“Sofia has the heart of a lion and it is her strong spirit that keeps her going.”

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 ?? ?? Festive fun Little Sofia with parents Egija and Inars
Festive fun Little Sofia with parents Egija and Inars

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