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Longwait for mental health treatment


A Lanarkshir­e youngster seeking mental health treatment had to wait nearly two years before being seen.

New figures have revealed just how long some patients were left to wait for help after being referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in 2020.

The stats also showed that one Lanarkshir­e patient has currently been waiting 830 days without being seen.

The figures were described as a “torturous wait” by the Scottish Liberal Democrats, who requested the statistics from every health board across Scotland.

In Lanarkshir­e, a further nine patients faced a 21-month wait before finally beginning their treatment, while another four were only seen 20 months after being referred.

In total there were 73 youngsters who had to wait a minimum of 12 months before beginning their treatment.

The figures are similar for those who are currently waiting to begin treatment.

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