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Classic franchise Rises up yet again


Monster Hunter Rise Pc/steam ●●●●○

The Monster Hunter series has gone from strength to strength since its release on the Playstatio­n 2 in 2004. Its core gameplay loop – where players take the role of a Hunter to slay and trap monsters – was addictivel­y fun, but had a steep learning curve at the same time. The sheer depth of its customisat­ion, unique landscapes and intense battles have allowed it to become one of Capcom’s best selling series only second to Resident Evil.

Its online multiplaye­r is a massive feature of the series and part of what made Monster Hunter: World so popular.

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth main title in the series and arrives on PC almost a year since the Nintendo Switch got its version.

Monster Hunter’s stories have always been overshadow­ed by the gameplay and here is no different. The story simply serves as a prompt for new modes or difficult quests to be unlocked.

The main campaign will take around 25 hours to complete and much more if you want to complete all the extra quests.

Arena and Challenge quests are features that will have special rules and conditions forcing players out of their comfort zones. This could be using preset items to battle monsters or completing the mission in a time limit; players will gain rewards and be given a rank.

Monster Hunter Rise looks gorgeous, and the gameplay is exactly what you expect from a superb series. Worth a go, even if you’re a total newcomer.

 ?? ?? Beast of a game Monster Hunter Rise is great fun
Beast of a game Monster Hunter Rise is great fun

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