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Keeppets onalead warning


Dog owners in Monklands are being urged to keep their pets on a lead when in the countrysid­e.

The call comes from Police Scotland after rural insurer NFU Mutual warned the cost to farmers of dog attacks on livestock is rising.

Meanwhile, a survey by the National Sheep Associatio­n (NSA) suggests 67 per cent of sheep farmers are dealing with an increase in dog attacks on their livestock during the pandemic.

On average, each respondent experience­d seven cases of sheepworry­ing during the past year, resulting in five sheep injured and two sheep killed per attack.

Police Scotland warned: “Even the most obedient pet can worry livestock. Please keep your dogs on a lead in the countrysid­e.

“If a dog worries livestock on any agricultur­al land, the owner of the dog, and anyone who is in charge of the dog other than its owner, shall be guilty of an offence. You can be prosecuted with 12 months’ imprisonme­nt, fined up to £40,000 and ordered to pay compensati­on.”

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