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Zombie RPG sequel looks dead good

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Various


The sequel to 2015’s Dying Light, this RPG survival horror introduces new heroes to the zombie apocalypse next month.

Set 20 years after the fateful events of the first game, we find humanity on the brink of extinction.

There’s a new protagonis­t, who will use his impressive parkour skills to jump, flip, climb and scramble his way through hordes of undead.

The branching storyline will see whole swathes of the city change based on choices you’ve made.

Combat is more connected to the game’s parkour system, and of course, weapon modding will allow you to craft some incredible kit to wield against the living dead.

Also out next month is Horizon: Forbidden West , on the PS4 and PS5.

The huntress Aloy is back in this Playstatio­n exclusive, the hotly anticipate­d sequel to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn.

With new lands to explore, and new mechanical enemies to fight, Forbidden West even introduces some underwater segments.

The latest trailer gave fans a closer look at some of the majestic mechanical beasts you’ll encounter on your adventures, from huge elephant-like creatures, to slithering snake-like beasts and raptor-esque bipeds that Aloy can ride to travel around the map.

The environmen­ts look suitably stunning, and I simply can’t wait to revisit this post-apocalypti­c sci-fi masterpiec­e.

 ?? ?? Light fantastic Stay Human is set 20 years after first
Light fantastic Stay Human is set 20 years after first

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