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Get­ting Around at LHR

Trans­fer time con­nect­ing be­tween two in­ter­na­tional flights – from land­ing at Heathrow, tak­ing a trans­fer bus, go­ing through hand bag­gage check, se­cu­rity check, air­line check-in desk -un­til ar­riv­ing at the de­par­ture lounge – the av­er­age trans­fer time from ter­mi­nal to ter­mi­nal is as fol­lows:

• Ter­mi­nal 2 – trans­fer within T2 is 1 hr; trans­fer to T3 is 90 mins.

• Ter­mi­nal 3 – trans­fer within T3 is 60 mins; to T1 75 mins; to T4 90 min.; to T5 120 mins.

• Ter­mi­nal 4 – trans­fer within T4 is 45 mins; to T3 90 mins; to T5 120 mins.

• Ter­mi­nal 5 – trans­fer within T5 is 45 mins; to ei­ther T3 or T4 – 120 mins.

Dis­abled Ser­vices

• Mo­bil­ity Equip­ment: If you re­quire a wheel­chair for your jour­ney but would not like an agent to push you, you are wel­come to use any of our pur­ple Staxi chairs. Just pick up one up free of charge from one of Spe­cial As­sis­tance host ar­eas.

• If trav­el­ing with your own equip­ment, please present your­self to check-in on ar­rival so that your equip­ment is tagged with lug­gage la­bels. Then pro­ceed to the Spe­cial As­sis­tance desk so that your equip­ment can be checked for air­craft com­pat­i­bil­ity. Fi­nally, con­tinue your jour­ney through se­cu­rity and to the departures lounge/gate. Your equip­ment will be placed on board the air­craft af­ter you have boarded.

• Toi­lets are pro­vided through­out Heathrow, in arrivals and departures, be­fore and af­ter se­cu­rity. Most in­clude a uni­sex, wheel­chair-ac­ces­si­ble toi­let. Oc­ca­sion­ally the ac­ces­si­ble toi­let is lo­cated in­side the men’s and ladies’ toi­lets.

• Chang­ing Places will have ad­di­tional equip­ment and space to use the toi­lets safely and com­fort­ably. They can be found in the fol­low­ing lo­ca­tions:

• Ter­mi­nal 2: Af­ter se­cu­rity – arrivals level, op­po­site Gate 18

• Ter­mi­nal 3: Af­ter se­cu­rity – departures level, op­po­site Gate 7

• Ter­mi­nal 4: Arrivals – op­po­site Lon­don Un­der­ground es­ca­la­tors

• Ter­mi­nal 5: Af­ter se­cu­rity – departures level, Spe­cial As­sis­tance Lounge – Lich­field Suite, op­po­site Gate


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