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tremendous buzz in the airgun community at the moment. Spring is in the air, the weather is on the up and the days are getting longer, which means most of us are able to spend even more hours out in the field doing what we love.

Most significan­tly though, more gun shops and shooting ranges are opening their doors as Covid restrictio­ns are gradually relaxed – and the result is that life is starting to feel much more like what we are all used to.

Another thing that has caused a lot of excitement is the launch of some fantastic new gear. Swedish airgun maker FX recently unveiled its new Impact M3. This super-tuneable bullpup is the evolution of the acclaimed Impact MkII and looks like being something really special. The team behind this gun are renowned for building adaptabili­ty and versatilit­y into their hardware and the M3 epitomises that; not only is it highly tuneable, its modular format also enables shooters to add countless tweaks and modificati­ons to create their own dream gun for either pellet or slug shooting.

British airgun supremo Daystate has also boosted its product range with the launch of the new limited edition Heritage variant of the awesome electronic Red Wolf. The original version of this air rifle quickly gained supergun status and the eye-catching new model looks set to be even more of a joy to shoot and own. We have even managed to get an interview with Daystate’s Tony Belas, one of the key players behind this amazing limited edition airgun. Both new releases managed to squeeze themselves into this issue and we will be looking at them in much more detail in the near future.

It’s not all about high-end mega-guns, and we’ve got for plenty for those with simpler tastes. Mike Morton has a focus on taking up airgunning on a budget for aspiring shooters who don’t want to break the bank, and Richard Saunders has pulled together a fantastic round-up of pre-charged airguns that cost less than £500 but can still cut it on the range and in the field.

Add to that our usual mix of hunting articles, instructio­n, anecdotes, news and reviews, and there should be plenty here to keep you informed and entertaine­d.

Enjoy your shooting and stay safe,

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Mat Manning Group Editor, Airgun Brands airgunshoo­

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