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Enter this contest and you could win a Streamligh­t flashlight!

Whenever airgun shooters need a torch, one will always be close at hand thanks to the Wedge Rechargeab­le Everyday Carry Flashlight from Streamligh­t. The Wedge is thin and compact, which means it can be carried comfortabl­y deep in a trouser pocket, so it’s where you need it, when you need it.

Featuring an intuitive rotatable thumb switch, the Wedge uses a 1500 mAh Lithium Polymer cell battery that can be recharged by plugging a USB-C cable into the light’s waterproof rear socket. Battery level indicator status is located in the switch, using a red and green LED.

The Wedge, which has a suggested retail price of £110, measures just 13.87cm x 1.52cm, and weighs only 93.5g. It’s available in black and coyote, which is the colour of the torch on offer here.

There are two lighting modes. In normal use there’s the 300 lumen Constant-On mode, which gives a beam distance of 69 metres and a run time of three hours. For maximum brightness there’s the 1,000 lumen momentary THRO (Temporaril­y Heightened Regulated Output) mode, which delivers a 35-second burst of light over a distance of 110 metres.

As well as typical outdoor use by shooters, the Wedge is bound to prove useful to members of the police service or armed forces. And because it’s always to hand it’ll prove invaluable to just about anyone tackling DIY jobs around the home or when working on the car.

Balancing durability with performanc­e, the Wedge is made from rugged anodised aluminium, features a tempered glass lens and is grooved for a sure grip. The light is rated waterproof to one metre for 30 minutes, and is impact-resistant tested to one metre.

Our thanks go out to Streamligh­t (www. streamligh­ for supplying this fabulous competitio­n prize.

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