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Sub-£500 PCPs

Rich Saunders takes a look at five of the best pre-charged pneumatic air rifles that are on sale for less than £500


Five pre-charged pneumatic rifles under £500

Air rifle manufactur­ers love to tantalise us with increasing­ly sophistica­ted rifles. Daystate brought us the Delta Wolf with its on-board chronograp­h and computeris­ed settings. And just when we realised a regulator was a great idea, FX convinced us we needed two with the Maverick and the Impact M3.

But such innovation comes at a price, and for many shooters such rifles are either beyond their fiscal reach, especially at the moment, or are simply excessive for their needs.

But if you have say a maximum of £500 to spend, does it mean you have to resign yourself to poorly made, inaccurate old muskets that are horrible to shoot? The answer, fortunatel­y, is a resounding ‘No’ and we’ve assembled five of the best affordable pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles to prove the point.

Range Right has loaned us a Kral Puncher NP-03 which has an RRP of £425. And courtesy of Edgar Brothers, we have another Turkish rifle, a Hatsan Airmax, which will set you back £460. The Shooting Party has sent us a Lee Enfield Sentry, a rifle it sells for £399, and John Rothery has put up the £464.95 Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint. Rounding out our candidates is the Gamo GX-40, which retails for just £379.

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