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MAT IS ADOPTING a roving approach for this session. He hasn’t been out on this farm for several months so by keeping mobile he will be able to familiaris­e himself with the ground and identify the areas where the rabbits are most active, which will help him to make the best use of his time on future visits.

Getting your timings right can make a big difference when targeting rabbits in the springtime. Night sessions can be productive when the grass-gobbling rodents venture out to feed under the cover of darkness, but although they are usually less active by day, rabbits can also be encountere­d in good numbers at dawn and dusk.

Mat has opted for a dusk sortie so he can reacquaint himself with the ground before returning for an after-dark visit. He has arrived a couple of hours before nightfall, which should give him a decent amount of productive shooting time.

Before he heads out, Mat has a quick scan across the first field with his binoculars. The air is still so the wind won’t be dictating this evening’s stalking route. If Mat can spot any rabbits that are already out feeding, he will concentrat­e his efforts on getting within range of them.

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