Airgun Shooter



MAT FAILS TO spot any rabbits while scanning the first field but that’s not a problem. It is early in the evening, so there is plenty of time for them to emerge while there is still light to shoot by and Mat has other paddocks to investigat­e.

Because Mat is going to be on the move, he is travelling much lighter than usual. Apart from creating excess weight to carry around, unessentia­l kit can also make a lot of noise as it bumps around in your bag, so accessorie­s like hide poles and nets, decoys, seats and callers have no place here.

Apart from his gun, which is a compact and lightweigh­t BSA Ultra, and a pocketful of pellets, Mat is carrying minimal gear. He is taking a rangefinde­r and a small, sharp knife, which will come in handy for paunching any rabbits that he manages to shoot. He also has a small backpack to carry shot rabbits, but the binoculars are left in the car as they would just be an unnecessar­y burden.

Mat’s clothing is also lighter than the all-weather gear he was wearing through the winter. His thick lined trousers have been replaced with a lighter pair that give him more freedom of movement, and he has swapped his welly boots for a bashed-up old pair of trainers that will enable him to move far more stealthily.

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