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SUCCESSFUL RABBIT STALKING hinges on stealth, and that starts before you even leave the house. Rabbits have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, so avoid strong odours like aftershave and cigarette smoke or you may really struggle to get close enough for a shot.

Rabbits also have excellent hearing, so Mat does his best not to give his quarry an early warning by slamming the car doors. He also makes sure that his car keys are stuffed firmly in his pocket and are not able to jangle around noisily.

Even though he didn’t spot any rabbits when he checked the first field, he still moves slowly and carefully just in case there are any about. Apart from having excellent hearing, bunnies are also able to detect vibrations through the ground. With that in mind, Mat does his best to keep his footfalls as gentle as possible.

Rabbits aren’t as sharp-eyed as avian quarry such as crows and woodpigeon­s, but they will still spook if they spot movement. Mat doesn’t wear a camo headnet when stalking rabbits because he doesn’t like his vision to be obscured, but he does his best to take advantage of any natural cover. He keeps close to the hedgerows, using the vegetation to help to conceal his outline, and tries to keep in the shade when he can as this will make him much harder to spot.

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