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ONE OF THE most important factors in successful stalking is being able to move as quietly as possible, and you can’t do that if you are overburden­ed. Most shooters like to carry handy accessorie­s, but how many of them are really essential and how many could be left at home when adopting a mobile approach?

Have a look at your kit and consider what you might be able to remove from your backpack or jacket pockets. Apart from making for lighter going, it will also make you a quieter hunter because it is very difficult to move with stealth when you’re bogged down with excess kit.

This rule applies to clothing as well as accessorie­s, and you’re very unlikely to need the heavy, insulated clothing you needed to keep warm on winter forays when stalking around the fields in spring and summer. You should also be able to get away with lighter footwear, which will improve your ability to move quietly and to feel the ground through your feet.

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