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Presented in a black hard case, the Puncher NP-03 comes with two magazines, a single-shot tray, fill probe and spare O-rings. The length is between 800mm and 880mm without a silencer, and unscoped weight is 2.6kg.

The black anodised metalwork is of a high standard, as is the black moulded polymer stock, which will resist all but the most extreme altercatio­ns. The soft rubber recoil pad is comfortabl­e, but does not adjust, unlike the cheekpiece which can be raised or lowered at the press of a button.

The pistol grip is moulded for comfort and will serve both right- and left-handers. The silver sidelever, whilst well-weighted and smooth, is located on the right side, with no provision to swap it over. The safety catch, positioned just below the lever and operates cleanly and quietly, favours right-handers, as does the power adjustment dial.

Loading Kral’s standard 12-shot .22 / 14-shot .177 magazine requires a plastic face plate to be rotated clockwise and your finger placed under the hole at the back to prevent the first pellet from falling straight through.

To insert the mag into the rifle, you’ll need to align a horizontal ridge on the back of the magazine with a groove in the breech.

The 180cc air cylinder takes a 200 bar fill, achieved by twisting a collar at the end of the cylinder to expose the port and accept the provided fill probe. A gauge on the underside of the forend next to a Picatinny rail tells you how much air you’ve got left.

The 430mm barrel is shrouded. Remove the muzzle cap to fit a silencer to the ½” UNF thread. You can remove the shroud and screw your silencer directly to the barrel.

The .22 test rifle returned just over 70 shots at an average of 11.3 ft-lb. The accuracy was superb, hitting 10p coin-sized groups straight out of the box, making the Puncher NP-03 ideal for vermin control.

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