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Few brands carry the heritage that is associated with Lee-Enfield, so the launch of the Sentry just over a year ago was always going to attract attention, especially priced at just £399.

At over a metre long and weighing 3.5kg unscoped, the slim, ambidextro­us beech stock has a black ballistic polymer forend that not only looks distinctiv­e, but is very solid with no creaking or movement. The solid rubber recoil pad is not adjustable, but the cheekpiece can be adjusted for height by slackening a couple of thumb wheels.

The contoured pistol grip and large cut-out accommodat­e the biggest hands in either a thumb-up or wrap-around grip. Though the metal trigger blade is not adjustable, the two-stage action is well-defined with crisp let-off and only a hint of creep in the second stage. Positioned on the outside of the trigger guard is a resettable safety switch.

The short bolt action requires a firm tug over its inch or so travel to cock the gun. Returning the bolt feeds a pellet from the eight-shot .22 magazine (nine in .177) that is inserted and removed from the left.

According to The Shooting Party, expect around 80 shots in .177 and 120 in .22 from a 200 bar fill achieved by inserting the fill probe into a port at the front of the cylinder that’s protected by a rotating cap. A pressure gauge underneath the muzzle will tell you when it’s time to fill up again.

A two-piece dovetail rail provides plenty of room for a scope. In addition, there are four Picatinny rails. There are three on top of the 430mm barrel, and another for a bipod. Two more rails can be attached to the sides of the forend.

The barrel is shrouded and finished with a plastic silencer. If you prefer, it can be unscrewed and replaced with your preferred silencer thanks to a ½” UNF thread.

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