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Walther’s Rotex RM8 Varmint has been around for a few years and its reputation as a well-made and good quality PCP rifle set the standard for other rifles to live up to.

There are several rifles in the RM8 range, including beech and blue laminate stock versions as well as an Ultra Compact (UC) model. At just under a metre long and weighing a little over 3.8kg unscoped, the Varmint has a good quality black synthetic stock that will handle most encounters with fences, gates and farm machinery.

The perforated recoil pad and raised comb are fixed in place, but provide good shoulder fit, cheek weld and eye alignment for a scope attached to the 65mm long dovetail mount. There are textured patches on the pistol grip and around the generous forend which make the RM8 Varmint easy to hold, even in wet weather.

The two-stage adjustable trigger has a comfortabl­e, broad blade. Out of the box, the first stage was light before stopping decisively and breaking cleanly on the second stage.

The RM8 Varmint’s bolt is reassuring­ly firm and feels well-engineered. The large handle is easy to grip and a firm pull backwards both cocks the action and sets a safety catch at the back of the breech.

Opening the bolt also allows you to slide a catch so you can insert the eight-shot rotary magazine on the right-hand side. The 200cc air bottle takes a 232 bar fill, achieved by inserting the provided fill probe into a port underneath the forend next to a pressure gauge and a short moulded Picatinny accessory rail. Expect around 180 shots in .177 and a little more in .22.

The 500mm barrel is not shrouded and is fitted with a perforated muzzle brake on the ½” UNF thread. If you plan to hunt with the RM8 Varmint or use it in the garden, you’ll want to fit a silencer.

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