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When it comes to affordable rifles, Gamo has more than its fair share. Its Coyote and Phox offerings already have a strong following, and the GX-40 rounds out a trio of no-nonsense, well-made PCP rifles.

At 3.3kg and 960mm, the GX-40 is full-sized, although you will want to fit a silencer to the ½” UNF thread in place of the muzzle brake, especially if you plan to plink a few targets in the garden or go hunting.

The black polymer moulded stock is tough enough to withstand plenty of abuse and has patches of roughened stippling on the pistol grip and forend to aid grip. The cheekpiece does not adjust, but is nice and high, enabling good eye alignment to a scope mounted on the dovetail rail. The 10-shot magazine slides into the breech from the left with no additional manual catch and sits below the rail, enabling you to set your scope low to the barrel. The bolt requires a firm tug, but will ease with use.

Safety catches located within the trigger guard are undeniably convenient to use. However, the resettable catch on the GX-40 is shaped like a trigger in miniature and in inexperien­ced hands it could be easy to confuse with the actual trigger. The two-stage trigger itself belies the GX-40’s budget status. External adjustment­s allow you to alter the travel for both stages as well as the weight of the second stage.

The 500mm cold hammer-forged barrel is the result of Gamo’s relationsh­ip with BSA. There’s no shroud, and a figure-of-eight band attached to the air cylinder keeps the barrel firmly in place and aligned.

Pulling a plastic collar off the end of the air cylinder reveals a fill port. Using the provided probe, the GX-40 takes a 232 bar fill which is enough for a claimed 130 shots in .22 and a little less in .177.

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