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Model: Stealth Man­u­fac­turer: Armex Coun­try of Ori­gin: U.K. Con­tact: 0121 643 4900 Price: £579.95 (ri­fle only). Type: Take­down, pre-charged pneu­matic, sin­gle-shot sporter. Cal­i­bre:. 177, .20 or .22. Cock­ing: Push-for­ward bolt. Load­ing: Di­rect to bar­rel, via slid­ing breech. Trig­ger: Two-stage unit. Fac­tory-set pull-weight, trig­ger shoe ad­justable for po­si­tion. Sights: Scope rail only. Stock Type: Hi-impact syn­thetic fore end and grip. Buddy-bot­tle butt. Fully am­bidex­trous. Weight: 2.4k. (5.25lbs. un­scoped). Length: 740mm (29 inches). Bar­rel: 300mm (12 inches) Lothar Walther match grade. Power: 11-plus ft.lbs. Op­tions: Charg­ing adap­tor £32.95, Bi pod £79, Si­lencer £49, Lap­top-style case £45. Tac-1 Pac, in­clud­ing two, 9-11mm to Pi­catinny adap­tors, plus a grip, £49.99.

RRP £579.95 (RI­FLE ONLY)

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