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The Umarex Boys Club’s Paddy Egan re­ports from the Bri­tish Shoot­ing Show

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Paddy Egan and crew re­port on their fan­tas­tic day out at the BSS

Umarex Boys Club founder, Jason, and I went to the Bri­tish Shoot­ing Show on the Satur­day for a mix of of­fi­cial du­ties and meet­ing up with fel­low UBC mem­bers, and what a day we had! Our first port of call was the Umarex stand, to see Bevin Le­sueur, UK Sales Man­ager, and Oliver Lux, Ex­port Direc­tor, be­cause they’d in­vited us to have a chat, and to show us their new prod­ucts.

Bevin went into the store room, brought out a box con­tain­ing the New RP5 pis­tol, and led us to their own fir­ing range, which was free to the gen­eral pub­lic – the right way to go, in my opin­ion. The pis­tol has a 5-shot mag­a­zine, it’s Co2-pow­ered, con­structed in black poly­mer, and you pull back the fore stock and then push it for­ward to cock it.

Jason had a go first, shoot­ing at a rat tar­get at about 15 yards. He knocked it straight down, and then it was my turn. I knocked the same tar­get down twice, just to prove the first one wasn’t a fluke. Jason had been the first per­son in the UK to shoot this pis­tol be­cause they hadn’t brought it out on the Fri­day, and less than 10 peo­ple in the world had shot with it – an­other first for the UBC. Our first im­pres­sion of the pis­tol is that it is awe­some; the weight and feel are spot on, the mag’ is easy to load, and the fore-grip pump is very easy to cock. We have got our names down for one each.


I could eas­ily turn this into an RP5 re­view, but they had an­other pis­tol to show us, the Glock 19 4.5mm CO2 pis­tol, and its fit and fin­ish looked spot on. The mag­a­zine is a stick-type, and the base plate on the mag’ is sturdy enough to grab. Within a few sec­onds, I’d worked out how I could have a pouch for mul­ti­ple mag­a­zines and do quick changes. Jason and I were pleas­antly sur­prised to hear that the Glock will re­tail at around £130 and will be re­leased in about three weeks’ time. The RP5 will be around £250, re­lease date ex­pected in April, and there will also be an op­tion of a stocked, slightly longer-bar­relled car­bine ri­fle ver­sion of the RP5 at near full power. I am re­ally look­ing for­ward to that one! It looks like a proper air­gun and not a replica of a real steel pis­tol. There will be full in-depth re­views of th­ese pis­tols very soon.

We then went on to our meet­ing to dis­cuss a closer work­ing part­ner­ship with var­i­ous new ideas and con­cepts, de­tails of which re­main part of the UBC and Umarex Of­fi­cial Se­crets Act 2018!


Once the meet­ing was over, Jason and I were buzzing, to say the least, so we had a sit down and then went on to en­joy our jolly be­cause this was the first time we had been there not on duty, so to speak. Af­ter a few phone calls, we met up with two UBC mem­bers, Kevin and Luke, be­fore con­tin­u­ing our tour of the show. We started to look around the non-air­gun ar­eas first be­cause al­though I knew I wouldn’t be buy­ing any­thing, it would be cool to see what else was out there. On one stall they did

spe­cial­ist shoot­ing pack­ages to Kiev, and on the back of the leaflet there was a sil­hou­ette of an RPG launcher and I asked jok­ingly, “Do you get to shoot that?”

The gen­tle­man’s re­ply was, “Yes, for £900 ex­tra!” Okay …. Our next port of call was the AGW Stand to say hello to Terry Doe and Phill Price.

I in­tro­duced Kevin to Terry, who com­pli­mented Kevin on the ar­ti­cles that he has sub­mit­ted for us. He also told the pub­lic who were there what a great job we do for the air­gun com­mu­nity, and that meant a lot to us.


We went off on our trav­els again – the aisles were get­ting rather crowded – and landed at the Air­force One stand be­cause I have been in con­tact with Mike Hur­ney re­gard­ing the up-and-com­ing SMLE CO2 ri­fle. The ri­fle that they had on the stand was a pro­to­type ex­am­ple, with parts that were 3D printed, so the fur­ni­ture wasn’t the same as will be on the final pro­duc­tion model. They are ex­pect­ing the first run to come into the coun­try in April, and I have been in­vited along to their unit as soon as the ri­fles ar­rive. They had the Mauser coun­ter­part next to it, which is full me­tal with proper wood fur­ni­ture. This one felt a whole lot bet­ter and very solid. I was as­sured that the SMLE will be to that stan­dard, so I am re­ally look­ing for­ward to my visit to them in the near fu­ture. Whilst we were at the stall, Jason eyed up a few bar­gains and snapped up a Gamo MP9 for £69.99 and a Umarex Beretta Mod 84.


Through­out the day, we kept go­ing back into the stalls to have a look for bar­gains and to see if we had missed any­thing. On one stall, there was a Mil­bro M16 spring ri­fle for £100, that Jason had been eye­ing up, but he kept on taking his time, so Kevin de­cided to buy it.

Jason said, “Well, that saves me buy­ing it then.”

“It’s all right ,” the seller told him. “I have three more in the van.”

So, Jason bought one and then I got co­erced into buy­ing one too, be­cause it ‘we can have our very own com­pe­ti­tion with th­ese ri­fles!” It was then Luke’s turn to be per­suaded, but he was on strict or­ders not to buy a gun – or even a knife – so what did do? He bought a fish cush­ion! We’re a strange bunch.

Now all of us were bagged up to the max with good­ies, we de­cided our best op­tion was to put the stuff in our cars and then come back be­cause it was still early. Er … time check … it was ac­tu­ally 3.20pm, and the show closed at 4pm. Where had the time gone? As the say­ing goes , ‘Time flies when you’re hav­ing fun’. Af­ter say­ing farewell to Kevin and Luke, Jason and I made a mad dash to the car and ar­rived back in the show at 3.40pm so we could have a final chat with the Umarex Team. Again, that went re­ally well and at the next show we might be run­ning a pis­tol area with them.


What a great day it was! I got to spend time with mates that I usu­ally only get chance to talk to via the In­ter­net, have a laugh, and hold a meet­ing that will con­tinue to ben­e­fit the air­gun com­mu­nity in a pos­i­tive way. Sadly, I didn’t get chance to see Alan from Armex, but I did see a few of the lads from there and I had a good chat with them, which was nice. I do hope ev­ery­one who at­tended the event en­joyed it as much as we did. See you next year, for sure!

Happy meet­ing, happy days.

The Glocks are com­ing.

A pump-ac­tion, CO2-pow­ered, multi-shot? Oh yes!

I was one of the first to shoot the RP5 pis­tol and I loved it.

Jason, UK’s num­ber 1 – was, first to shoot with it.

Can this shoot fur­ther than six yards?

UBC’s new Home Guard.

Tar­gets on a can, ‘Can’ you be­lieve it?

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