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I’ve read with in­ter­est your cam­paign against those hun­ters with the abil­ity to shoot at ranges you your­self can’t achieve, and I think there’s a bit of the old green-eyed mon­ster at work here. Terry, I fully re­spect what you achieved over the years but surely you must ac­cept that, just be­cause you can’t do some­thing, that doesn’t mean no­body else can? For the record, I can’t do the ‘60-yards-plus hunt­ing shots with a sub-12’, ei­ther, and like you, I’ve never met any­one who can, but does that re­ally mean it can’t be done?

COLIN PE­ABODY Colin – First, I as­sure you there’s no green in my eyes as far as this sub­ject is con­cerned. There may have been a hint of envy, had I met a sin­gle shooter, hunter or oth­er­wise, who could con­sis­tently pro­duce the re­quired ac­cu­racy un­der field con­di­tions … but I haven’t. Even if I had, I fur­ther as­sure you I’d be far more ex­cited than en­vi­ous, be­cause I’d dearly love to learn from any­one who could shoot like that.

As it is, the of­fer re­mains open to any­one who claims to be able to do what I’ve never seen any­one do – and I gen­uinely hope that some­day, some­one ac­cepts that chal­lenge. – Ed

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