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I’m not an overly-tech­ni­cal per­son, so I had my heart firmly in my mouth when I de­cided to fol­low Jim Tyler’s ad­vice and ap­ply his rec­om­mended ‘sim­ple tune’ to my Walther LGV. I read and re-read Jim’s ar­ti­cle from your July is­sue, and fi­nally de­cided to go for it, fit­ting the Air Arms Mk 3 TX200 main­spring, plus a new, slightly larger, spring guide. I’ve left the trans­fer port as stan­dard, for now, but after some ex­per­i­men­ta­tion with pre-load wash­ers, my LGV is pro­duc­ing 11.2 ft.lbs. with .177 Air Arms Field pel­lets, and it’s never felt smoother to shoot. I can’t tell you how happy I am about this, but please pass on my thanks to that ge­nius, Jim Tyler, and thanks to you, too, for pro­duc­ing such an in­for­ma­tive mag­a­zine. RON KING

The gen­tle­man ge­nius that is Jim Tyler knows a good tune when he finds one.

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