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I’d like to add my voice to those who sing the praises of Jim Tyler. I’ve fol­lowed Jim’s writ­ing for many years, but it was only last month that I fi­nally plucked up the courage to have a go at a bit of air­gun tun­ing. I fol­lowed Jim’s ‘LGU Sim­ple Tune’ guide­lines, and I’m ex­tremely pleased with the re­sult – and with my­self!

Now, please can you ask Jim when his long-awaited book is com­ing out be­cause if I had that, I’d def­i­nitely be buy­ing air­guns just to get them run­ning prop­erly. I’m ap­proach­ing re­tire­ment and a man’s got to have a hobby, so come on Jim and get that book done! EARNEST PHILLIPS Earnest Phillips is one of count­less Jim Tyler fans who try Jim’s meth­ods – and want him to re­lease his book!

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