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I’m not sure where to send this as a re­quest, and I’m hop­ing that you can di­rect me to the right peo­ple. I was re­cently bur­gled and two Colch­ester Game­keep­ers were stolen. The po­lice and my in­sur­ers are aware. The po­lice sus­pect that the guns will be dumped since the stolen buddy bot­tles don’t hold air, and the thieves are un­likely to have the bot­tles re­paired since the main rea­son for the bur­glary seems to have been to steal car keys and the car. I’m hope­ful that if they are of­fered, it’ll be a chance to track the peo­ple who broke in.

I doubt it would be in the sub­mit­ted de­scrip­tions, but one of the guns is an un­usual side-pull cock­ing con­ver­sion. Both had .22 bar­rels in­stalled. From mem­ory, the se­rial num­bers are 133 and 129 but I’m still try­ing to find the mem­ory stick with the photos on to con­firm. I’m also get­ting in touch with lo­cal shops and Gun­star/ Gun­trader in case they are of­fered.

If by chance Game­keep­ers are sub­mit­ted for small ads sale, could you let the po­lice (crime num­ber 41/32741/18 with Hert­ford­shire po­lice) or me know, so that I can pass the de­tails to check? Thanks for any ad­vice you can give TIM

Tim – I know our read­ers will keep an eye out for those guns and if we’re con­tacted with any in­for­ma­tion, I’ll get back to you right away. I hope this is re­solved as soon as pos­si­ble. - Ed

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