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I read with much in­ter­est Barry Rooney’s short let­ter on page 10 of the Oc­to­ber is­sue. I am also 68, and very much en­joy­ing my shoot­ing, al­beit mainly on the range and plink­ing. In the past I had a cou­ple of 12-bores and shot as an in­vited gun, of­ten in a syn­di­cate, but a shoul­der prob­lem caused a re­think and not want­ing to give up the sport, I took to air ri­fles. Grad­u­ally, I ac­quired an EV2, BSA Ul­tra multi-shot and a Styer LP50, and then be­cause of fam­ily com­mit­ments, they ended up in stor­age.

A cou­ple of months back, a friend was com­ing from the fur­thest point in Corn­wall to

have his FAC-rated ri­fle ser­viced in Peter­bor­ough, and was stay­ing with us overnight. I asked him if the gun­smith he was go­ing to bought guns, and if he would take them along and sell them for me, but my friend per­suaded me to keep them and take up the pas­sion again.

Since then, I have joined a new club and can con­firm that I am re­ally en­joy­ing what I was miss­ing, to the ex­tent of ex­pand­ing my range to a springer so that I didn’t have to rely on a bot­tled air sup­ply all the time. My wife bought me a new TX200 HC and scope for my 68 birth­day, just on 12th Septem­ber gone.

I don’t con­sider my­self a se­nior cit­i­zen, and cer­tainly don’t feel like one. Whilst I can en­joy such times I will, and hope to do so for many more years yet.

I was up at the range only last week and a new­comer was there, shoot­ing with his son. This gent was con­sid­er­ing buy­ing a Weihrauch. My gun club gives a dis­count for se­nior cit­i­zens and I was not sure of his age ,so had to ask him. He was 77. I hope in ten years I am still do­ing what he does.


What a splen­did let­ter, Derek, and like you, I hope I’ll still be en­joy­ing my air­gun­ning when I’m as old as Barry. - Ed

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