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Please ex­cuse a sim­ple ques­tion from an even sim­pler per­son, but how hard is it to use a diver’s tank to fill a PCP? I want to make the move to PCP ,but I’m gen­uinely dread­ing us­ing the air tank in case it’s all too com­pli­cated. I’m a bit techno­pho­bic, to say the least – send­ing this email is about as hi-tech as I go – so I’d hate to buy a tank and find my­self un­able to use it.

Apolo­gies for be­ing a numpty. TREVOR CHAP­MAN

Trevor, the only ‘numpty’ is the per­son who doesn’t ask, and I’m pleased to tell you there’s ab­so­lutely noth­ing to worry about re­gard­ing run­ning a diver’s tank for your PCP. Just fol­low the ba­sic in­struc­tions your provider will sup­ply, or phone the Air­gun World of­fice if you have any­thing spe­cific you’d like help with. Us­ing air tanks safely is just a mat­ter of com­mon sense, I prom­ise. – Ed

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