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I have just read your reader’s let­ter, Where There’s a Wheel. I had ex­actly the same prob­lem when I fit­ted the side­wheel of my Nikko Stirling Di­a­mond 6-24 x 50 to my Air Arms S410. Firstly, I cut out a sec­tion of the wheel with a hack­saw and then filed off the burr, and rounded the edges. The mag­a­zine fit­ted in eas­ily.

The main prob­lem now was that the wheel could not ro­tate be­cause it was too wide and struck the mag­a­zine; the wheel was 12mm wide and I needed it to be 9mm so that the wheel had clear­ance to ro­tate.

I mea­sured 9.5mm and used mask­ing tape as a guide, and then out came the an­gle grinder. I put the wheel into the wooden jaws of my Work­Mate and by us­ing the side face of the an­gle grinder, I ground off the ex­cess alu­minium, mov­ing the wheel in the jaws so that I was left with 9.5mm of rough metal .

The next stage was fil­ing the last .5mm by hand, de-bur­ring and smooth­ing out, us­ing my dig­i­tal vernier to en­sure a uni­form 9mm wheel thick­ness.Af­ter a suc­cess­ful test fit, I de­greased the wheel and used Hal­ford’s grey primer and matte black on it. It now works per­fectly.

I have or­dered a side­wheel for my MTC Co­bra FFP scope that is on my Ul­ti­mate Sporter. No doubt, I shall have to mod­ify that as well. JU­LIAN WEBB

Great job, Ju­lian, and very pro­fes­sion­ally done. Thanks for let­ting us know. – Ed

Ju­lian Webb knows how to over­come side­wheel ac­cess prob­lems – and how.

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