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I am writ­ing this be­cause I so dis­agree with the views of David Charl­ton. I have not got nor do I in­tend to get a ‘mil­i­tary-style’ air­gun, but if some­one else wants one, should I stop them? No. I am not into BB guns or pis­tol shoot­ing, ei­ther, but many peo­ple are. I read Air­gun World and Air Gun­ner and en­joy all the ar­ti­cles. I once owned a springer which I could never shoot ac­cu­rately, and I now have a PCP, which with my limited abil­i­ties, is a joy to use. Al­though I have no in­ten­tion of strip­ping and mod­i­fy­ing a springer, I still en­joy read­ing the tech­ni­cal ar­ti­cles. I read the hunt­ing pages, al­though I don’t have a per­mis­sion.

In my 83 years, I have seen many changes to many things and it sad­dens me that our so­ci­ety is be­com­ing a lot less tol­er­ant to­ward other peo­ple. The air­gun com­mu­nity is a very wide one and it pleases me that your mag­a­zines cater for all tastes. If you en­joy do­ing or us­ing some­thing which is le­gal, safe and causes no harm to oth­ers, carry on. What a sad, grey world it would be if we all did and used the same thing. The very name ‘Air­gun World’ says it cov­ers ‘all things air­gun’. Please keep up the di­ver­sity of ar­ti­cles so that all air­gun­ners can find some­thing of in­ter­est in your pages. Thanks to you, one day I might pick up a BB gun or a mil­i­tary-style ri­fle and think ‘That feels nice and it shoots well. I will buy it!’ If man­u­fac­tur­ers make these mil­i­tary-style air­guns, there must be a lot of peo­ple buy­ing them. There­fore they should be re­viewed just the same as any other air­gun. Keep up what you are do­ing. Di­ver­sity is the spice of life.

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