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Rosie be­gins her three-meal chal­lenge with a hearty bowl of rab­bit chow­der

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Rosie sets her­self a chal­lenge. Three tasty meals from a sin­gle rab­bit - part one

Iwas taught by my mother and grand­mother never to waste food. They lived with scarcity through world wars, and made me be­lieve that it was a mor­tal sin to throw food away, al­though that les­son stood me in good stead when I had to feed two grow­ing boys on lit­tle money. I know times have changed, and was even told by a hyp­no­tist when I sought help be­cause I was rapidly be­com­ing the size of a small prin­ci­pal­ity, that ‘There isn’t a war on. You don’t have to eat ev­ery­thing that’s on your plate!’ but it still grieves me to­day when I see my friends and fam­ily scan a ‘best-be­fore’ date and dis­card a food item out of hand be­cause it was at its best yes­ter­day. My ar­gu­ment, ‘We have a sense of smell for a rea­son’ car­ries no weight, and some­times I’m com­pelled to field stuff to take home be­fore it hits the bin. I am a stand­ing joke, but my mother would be proud.

So, bear­ing all that in mind, you’ll un­der­stand how I looked upon get­ting three meals from one quarry an­i­mal as a suit­able chal­lenge. I was forced to buy a rab­bit from an up-mar­ket butcher be­cause there is a dearth of them in the area where I live, ap­par­ently, and it cost me a ten­ner. Ten quid! It wasn’t a par­tic­u­larly im­pos­ing crea­ture, ei­ther, just your bog-stan­dard bunny and at the time, I was de­ter­mined to get at least two meals out of it, so I asked the butcher to cut it in half. Be­fore I could give him fur­ther in­struc­tion, he chopped it straight across the mid­dle in­stead of cut­ting it length­ways.. There isn’t a lot of meat on the fore end, but I am bloody-minded enough to ‘stick to the plan’.

This tasty and fill­ing chow­der is ‘part one’ – served with crusty bread for a warm­ing lunch on a cold day. Next month will be part two, in­di­vid­ual rab­bit pies, and I’ll use the ‘legs end’ for an ‘al­most spring­time’ butternut squash de­light for sev­eral hun­gry peo­ple – that’ll be part three. Strap in! I


Fore end of rab­bit

Two sticks cel­ery x 2

One car­rot x 2

One onion x 2

Two pota­toes, cut into chunks

Chicken stock cubes or pods

Small tin of sweet corn

2 tsps corn­flour and 125ml wa­ter

Salt and pep­per

Serve with crusty bread.

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