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I en­joy read­ing re­views about air­guns, com­pres­sors, hunt­ing, night hunt­ing, gad­gets and giz­mos. The only thing I would like to see added to the air­gun de­scrip­tions is, length of pull and how hard it is to load a break-bar­rel. I’m short of stature and live in the USA where we don’t have a lot of air­guns to try, so this in­for­ma­tion would help me to se­lect my next air­gun. Any­thing on tac­ti­cal air­guns would also be great be­cause I think they are lighter in weight and eas­ier to carry. Thanks again for a great mag­a­zine.


Hello Mau­reen, and thanks right back across the Pond for your kind words. You’re right, too; we must un­der­stand that air­gun­ners come in all shapes and sizes, and do our best to pro­vide the info we all need. – Ed

Mau­reen’s right, we need to re­mem­ber the ju­niors, ladies and those of smaller stature.

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