The Roth­schild con­spir­acy de­bunked

The Roth­schild fam­ily served as bankers to Euro­pean gov­ern­ments for cen­turies — so why are so many peo­ple afraid of them?

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Why are peo­ple so afraid of the world’s biggest bank­ing fam­ily?

When the French anti-semitic La Vieille France folded in 1923, the Jewish Tele­graphic Agency of­fered no words of mourn­ing for its end­ing, dryly not­ing that its pub­lisher said it had closed shop “be­cause of lack of sup­port or in­ter­est”. It left lit­tle in­ter­na­tional im­pres­sion in life but achieved as­ton­ish­ing in­flu­ence af­ter its death.

While the magazine that had once pub­lished the anti-semitic tract known as the Pro­to­cols of the Learned El­ders of Zion might have found too few sub­scribers want­ing to read about a Jewish con­spir­acy to con­trol the world, ar­ti­cles from La Vieille France found favour among some Amer­i­can anti-semites who had de­vel­oped an un­healthy fix­a­tion with the House of Roth­schild, one of the wealth­i­est bank­ing fam­i­lies in the world — and the ob­ject of ob­ses­sive fear and loathing.

Writ­ing in a book pub­lished in Amer­ica in 1926, the ex­pa­tri­ate Rus­sian count and out­spo­ken an­ti­semite Arthur Cherep-spiri­dovich, then res­i­dent in the United States, cited an ar­ti­cle by Con­rad Siem in La Vieille France as ev­i­dence that the Roth­schild fam­ily were the mas­ter­minds of a global Jewish con­spir­acy to de­stroy the United States. Siem had al­leged that in 1876, when he was just a teenager, Ger­man chan­cel­lor Otto von Bis­marck had told him per­son­ally that Jewish bankers had pur­posely planned the

Amer­i­can Civil War and had favoured the South­ern states. Siem claimed to re­call Bis­marck’s words per­fectly:

“Th­ese bankers,” he al­legedly said,

“were afraid that the United States, if they re­mained in one block and as one na­tion, would at­tain eco­nom­i­cal and fi­nan­cial in­de­pen­dence, which would up­set their fi­nan­cial dom­i­na­tion over the world. The voice of the Roth­schilds pre­dom­i­nated.

They fore­saw tremen­dous booty if they could sub­sti­tute two fee­ble democ­ra­cies, in­debted to the Jewish fi­nanciers, to the vig­or­ous repub­lic, con­fi­dent and self­pro­vid­ing.” To this, Cherep-spiri­dovich added that the Roth­schilds had or­dered the mur­der of Abra­ham Lin­coln for spoil­ing their plans.

In 1921, the anti-semitic au­to­mo­bile mag­nate Henry Ford’s Dear­born In­de­pen­dent, which had re­cently pub­lished the Pro­to­cols in English, also trans­lated Siem’s ar­ti­cle. Nearly a cen­tury later, the cen­tral claim of Siem’s La Vieille

“He ini­ti­ated each into the ways of fi­nance be­fore send­ing them to the great cap­i­tals of Europe”

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