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Imperial Forces

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Kuroda Kiyotaka leader

Victor of the campaign against shogunate rebels on Ezo, Kuroda later became the prime minister of Japan.

Strengths: He was a strategic thinker and was willing to spare an enemy commander. Weaknesses: He supposedly had a hot temper, especially when drunk.

Chōshū Kiheitai key unit

The Chōshū Kiheitai was an armed militia made up of volunteers from at least five domains in Japan that supported the Meiji restoratio­n. Strengths: They were welldiscip­lined and had the most up-to-date weapons. Weaknesses: The volunteers relied on donations from their wealthy supporters.

Gatling Gun key Weapon

Named for its inventor, Richard Gatling, this hand-cranked weapon increased firepower with devastatin­g results against massed enemy troops.

Strengths: It produced a heavy volume of rapid fire. Weaknesses: It was difficult to transport overland and had the potential to overheat.

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