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Shogunate Forces

troops 3,000 ships 5


enomoto takeaki leader

Refusing to surrender, Enomoto proclaimed the northern Republic of Ezo, lost the Boshin War and survived to serve the emperor. Strengths: He was shrewd and diplomatic but a resolute opponent of Meiji.

Weaknesses: He refused to acknowledg­e defeat until Hakodate.

shinsengum­i key unit

Originally a shogunate police force, the Shinsengum­i were elite fighters. Hijikata Toshizō was supposedly a commander of the unit.

Strengths: Well-trained and tenacious, they used modern and traditiona­l Samurai weapons. Weaknesses: They were a relatively small force and the leaders were quickly lost in war.

Minié rifle key Weapon

Used by both sides, the Minié rifle fired a large bullet and was supplied by the French and British. Strengths: It was accurate and had rapid muzzle loading.

Weaknesses: It was later eclipsed by more efficient breechload­ing rifles.

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