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Try to keep your camp clean. Disease caused from unsanitary conditions will kill many more people than the fighting.

Report on what you see.

The shocking images of camp and hospital conditions sent back to Britain will help orchestrat­e real change in how the army operates.

Eat your five a day.

Although the Royal Navy is taking steps to avoid scurvy by providing crews with concentrat­ed fruit juices, the army has no such policy.

Make sure you fight bravely. Many of the most celebrated actions in British military history will be played out in the Crimean War, including the doomed Charge of the Light Brigade and the Thin Red Line.

Act on vague orders. Always be clear what your superiors want you to do, otherwise you could end up charging towards certain doom.

Get swept up in the patriotism and propaganda. The British government will fan the flames of jingoism to gain popular support but will fail to mention the horrific human cost of the war.

Underestim­ate modern technologi­cal advances.

The Crimean War will see many military innovation­s and the first heavy use of railways and telegraphs in war.

Snub the peace talks.

Before the European allies joined the war, there were attempts to resolve the conflict without further bloodshed. The terms were rejected by Russia.

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