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the Coburg Conspiracy

The truth behind one of royal history’s most famous marriages


“Sotnick attempts to untangle the murky rumours”

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When author Richard Sotnick met the late Earl Mountbatte­n 40 years ago, the resulting conversati­on led him to investigat­e two so-called conspiraci­es that may have shaped the face of the British monarchy. One is widely known, the other perhaps a little more obscure, but both make for compelling reading.

Sotnick’s The Coburg Conspiracy: Victoria and

Albert — Royal Plots and Manoeuvres delves initially into the question of how Leopold I of Belgium rose from the relative obscurity of ruling an impoverish­ed German fiefdom to becoming the husband of

Charlotte, the ill-fated heir to the British throne. Ably handling the sometimes intricatel­y intertwine­d branches of European nobility, Sotnick navigates the often-confusing world of royal genealogy with aplomb.

For his second conspiracy, Sotnick attempts to untangle the murky rumours surroundin­g the supposedly questionab­le paternity of Leopold’s nephew, Albert. Could the father of Queen Victoria’s husband have been a domestic servant or maybe even the ambitious Leopold himself? All of this is certainly scandalous but whether or not it’s very convincing must be left to the reader to decide.

What comes through on every page is the author’s fascinatio­n with his subjects and the obvious dedication with which he has approached this book. The Coburg Conspiracy is an easy and fairly quick read, and contains some useful supporting material including a very handy chronology to keep readers on track. Though it will hold little new material for dedicated enthusiast­s of Victoria and Albert or Leopold and Charlotte, there’s much to enjoy here for the casual reader and keen royal watchers alike.

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CC Evocative Intriguing Fascinatin­g

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