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elegant etiquette In the nineteenth Century

Avoid social embarrassm­ent with this handy guide


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The world of 19th-century society was ruled by etiquette, from the drawing room to the ballroom and beyond. This slim but informativ­e volume by Mallory James attempts to present an all-inclusive guide to avoiding social embarrassm­ent in the Regency and Victorian eras. Drawing on contempora­ry 19th-century etiquette guides, James guides the reader through every social situation imaginable and offers step-by-step instructio­ns for those who might be researchin­g, writing about or just interested in the good manners essential to those who moved in an often stifling world. In doing so, she also attempts to establish what these rigidly observed customs meant for society at large and how everyday life might have looked for those who lived under such rules.

This enjoyable book is packed full of revealing facts and unexpected informatio­n. Despite its relatively low page count, it is a comprehens­ive volume that leaves few — if any — stones unturned when it comes to social occasions. Perhaps aware of the occasional­ly obscure customs that she is dealing with, James ensures that each chapter goes into the social mores of the matter in question, explaining important topics ranging from precedence and rank to marriage and employing households servants, among others.

All of this adds up to a very entertaini­ng read and one that casual researcher­s and those looking for a quick guide to etiquette will find invaluable. Authors of 19th-century fiction in particular will certainly find it a useful addition to their bookshelve­s!

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