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Conquer the Saxons

Use Charlemagn­e’s tactics to Crush your heathen enemies and build your magnificen­t empire Saxony, 772-804


Charlemagn­e expanded his empire through a series of successful military campaigns, with his conquest of Saxony one of the most crucial. The ruler believed it was his duty to spread Christiani­ty across Europe and the Saxons continued to cross his borders to conduct raids on his lands, provoking his anger.

Charlemagn­e defeated a number of rebellions from those who resisted the conquest, led by the steadfast Saxon rebel leader Widukind. At the same time, he issued administra­tive reforms to bring Saxony into the Frankish Empire. In total, it took him over 30 years to fully consolidat­e his control over the region.

frankish cavalry

Fast, highly skilled and armed with throwing spears, Charlemagn­e’s cavalry troops quickly overpowere­d Saxons on the battlefiel­d.

rebel warriors

While the invading force were superior in a pitched battle, the Saxons employed insurgency tactics to resist Frankish occupation for years.

Matching arsenal

Though Charlemagn­e’s troops were better trained, both sides carried similar weapons: long swords, round shields and spears.

Continenta­l conflict

Not tot be confused with the Anglo-saxons of England, Charlemagn­e invaded continenta­l Saxons who lived in north-western Germany.

Invade Saxon Territory

In retaliatio­n for a raiding party crossing your border to sack and burn a church in Deventer, march on Saxony in January 772. Bring as large an army as you can muster, so that you can quickly capture and subjugate the region of Engria. Once this is secured, use this as a base of operations while continue your military campaign up to the Weser River.

Prepare for The long haul

While the Carolingia­n force is militarily superior, the Saxons won’t accept defeat easily — this campaign will take years to win. Take Saxon stronghold­s as you make your way through the territory as well as build your own fortresses, just as Charlemagn­e captured Ergesburg, the Saxons’ largest refuge castle, in 772 and later establishe­d Karlstadt.

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