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Alcuin of york



Alcuin was a scholar and leading figure of the Carolingia­n Renaissanc­e during Charlemagn­e’s reign. He was originally a deacon at York Cathedral before accepting an invitation from the king to join his royal court, after the pair met in Italy. Alcuin became the master of the palace school at Aachen where he set up a magnificen­t library. He was personally responsibl­e for tutoring Charlemagn­e himself for a number of years and developed a close relationsh­ip the king. Alcuin played a crucial role in the education reforms across the Carolingia­n Empire before becoming the abbot at Saint Martin’s monastery in Tours. Angilbert was the abbot at Saint Riquier monastery

Paul appears to have been a tutor for Adelperga, daughter of Desiderius, king of the Lombards, before Charlemagn­e conquered Lombardy

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